Little Book of Self-Love With Bonus

Earlier this year, I released The Little Book of Self-Love, a handy guide to loving yourself fully from the inside-out. It’s jam-packed with tips and tricks to tap into your inner abundance and start living from a place of compassionate awareness.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s the time! I’m so excited to share that it’s been updated to include a 100 Days of Self-Love Challenge cheat sheet with weekly themes and daily activities so you can take your self-care routine to the next level.

You’ll get 15 weeks of inspiration to start tackling everything from your bedtime routine and exercise habits to your relaxation and gratitude practices. Here’s a sneak peek from week 11:

Week 11: Start Fresh

– Wake up 30 minutes early

– Eat breakfast outside

– Read positive affirmations before you start your day

– Make a breakfast smoothie

– Do a morning stretch routine

– Read for 10 minutes before getting out of bed

– Visualize your day

Whether you’re a self-love guru or still haven’t quite managed to figure out how to make time for yourself, this guide will help you master the challenges of loving yourself and those around you. Click Read More below to purchase your copy for just $3!

If you previously purchased a copy, you will receive the updated version via e-mail within 24 hours.

Peek Inside

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The Unclaimed Joy of Waiting

The batter hit the oil-lined pan and I waited, spatula in hand, for tiny bubbles to form. The thought of pancakes had lured me out of bed, tired and hungry. Hoping to hurry the process along, I raised the temperature on the stove eager to kick-start my day.

“When did we become so impatient?” I found myself wondering. There was no real sense of urgency, only my own desire to occupy the seconds as they ticked by rather than lean into the stillness they invited.

How often do we resist the urge to simply be, or fail to notice such opportunities altogether? We grow restless waiting in line, sitting in traffic, or slogging through Thursday with our sights set on Friday.

No matter how much we prioritize, delegate, or simplify, much of our lives will be spent in eager anticipation of what’s next. But the passing days are not defined by the arrival of each new destination or accomplishment they bring, however significant or mundane it may be.

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Starve the Monster, Quench Your Soul

Have you ever mistaken being productive for taking care of yourself? When you should be relaxing with a good read, getting out for a run, catching up with a friend, or hitting the farmers’ market, you find yourself doing anything (and everything) else instead?

The bills need to be paid, dinner needs to be prepped, the dog needs a bath, and that pesky doorknob is loose again. So you hit snooze when your meditation alarm dings and postpone your morning workout, while silently berating yourself for not being in better shape. “I need to sign up for that 10K!” you think, adding it to your mental to-dos.

Soon the entire afternoon’s escaped you and your self-care’s suffered. When you finally crawl into bed at night, your mind races with all the things that need to get done tomorrow. Your one and only thought before drifting off to dreamland is, “I need a vacation.”

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100 Days of Self-Love Challenge

This month I’m excited to kick off my first ever 100 Days of Self-Love Challenge! The rules are simple: 100 days, 100 acts of self-love. From preparing a healthy meal for yourself to curling up with your favorite movie, anything counts. As long as you put a little love and light behind it.

Want to join? Click here to download your free template and start tracking your daily progress! If you need a jump-start, head on over to the Freebies page to download your free Self-Care Kit that includes 30 of my self-care secrets. And don’t forget to check out my Little Book of Self-Love for oodles of ideas on how you can start radiating more compassion and kindness for yourself and those around you.

Ready to get started? Follow along on Instagram for inspiration as I tally up my feel-good favorites.

Click to download! 100 Days of Self-Love Challenge

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