She is

A lighthearted creative who pauses to take note. Of laughter, color, conversation, open doors, and finer details. A Midwest Native and Mid-Atlantic Transplant, Emily finds beauty in natural surroundings. Order and disarray. Movement and stillness. Stories told in snapshots.

And in words. Words have always been her way, and on a whim or a nudge, she gradually took to blogging. Writing is her soul’s nourishment, her catharsis, her second language and her first love.

When she’s not behind the lens or keyboard, you’ll find her chasing the sun, ticking books off her to-read list (often with a cup of tea in hand), petting the world’s cats and dogs, and making the best desserts.

Emily earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in counseling psychology. She currently writes for DailyGood and Baltimore STYLE Magazine.