Giving Back 2018: Book Drive

Over the past 6 weeks, I led my first successful book drive collecting 115 books for local elementary school students. Through the generous donations of friends and the wider community, dozens of picture and chapter books poured in, exceeding my hopes and expectations!

Reading Partners works with students reading below grade-level, gifting them with books to add to their home libraries following individual tutoring sessions. Many children across the country, particularly those from low-income households, have no books at home, creating a large barrier to literacy.

book drive

As this was my first Giving Back initiative of the year, I’m feeling particularly inspired by its success, and moved by the overwhelming impact a simple act and caring community can have. Each donor is connected by an invisible thread to a child he or she will likely never meet, and there’s no telling how the new additions to their bookshelves will change their childhoods and lives to come.

Our small acts add up, whether it’s a kind word, a friendly smile, or a more organized effort around a particular cause. None is too insignificant, too far-fetched, or too cumbersome to undertake. While you may not always witness the impact of what you do, know that it leaves a mark: on a child you may never meet, a family whose struggles mimic your own, a community you cherish, or one only beginning to rebuild.

Stay tuned as I continue to track my progress donating my time to a unique cause each month. Questions, or interested in learning more? Get in touch!