Bit of Wisdom

“I wish I had journaled actual experiences occurring in my life, rather than writing about personal disappointments, hopes & dreams, relationship angsts, or goals for the upcoming year. Many of the powerful lifetime memories retained as I got older were not what I expected. Kindness to me and my kindness to others, ironic situations, human connections, and painful lessons that I was sure I could never survive– these are the random bytes that pop into mind when I least expect a revelation or nostalgia to surface. I don’t know that I would reread all moments. And I don’t think these minor and major events in my life would mean much to others. But to be able to open to a random date, reflect on where I am today in relation to that date… would underscore how much every life impacts the world.

That the ‘I’ that is me, had meaning to others. And may have made the world a tiny bit better for having lived.”